Every Good Adventure Needs an Origin Story

2020 started, and I had high hopes for adventures. I had vacations planned to far away lands, gatherings with friends and family, and even my own wedding! But, like everyone else, COVID-19 marched into my life and demanded that I live by its rules. This has been and continues to be devastating to so many folks, and so many people have suffered far worse than I have during this time, but it was disappointing and frustrating nonetheless.

As spring turned into summer, and the wanderlust kicked into overdrive, I found myself contemplating how I could still have a fun and adventure-filled summer while being responsible and respectful of the circumstances of the world. It so happened that the stars aligned to provide an opportunity for a massive road trip that would both scratch my itch for travel and keep myself and others safe. My partner Gabby has parents who live in New Orleans, and have been extremely cautious during this time due to being part of the highest risk populations of people to have COVID complications. They just entered retirement and have not left their house in months. Not how many people envision retirement. The COVID factor plus retirement had them looking to purchase an RV to be able to get out and live life while being cautious with their own health.

As fate would have it, they found one. In Sacramento California. And they needed someone to fly out and drive it back.

Yes please!

This blog is going to be a recounting of this trip: sites seen, lessons learned, and most importantly, adventurous memories with people I care about. My lifelong love of travel has mostly oriented around international adventures, but during a time where that is exceedingly difficult and potentially very unsafe, becoming a tourist in my own country has been and will continue to be a unique adventure in learning about myself and the place that I call home.

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