Who Am I, and Why Should You Read This Blog?

There are literally (I haven’t looked that up, but assume it’s true) millions of blogs out there. Cooking blogs, car blogs, school blogs, DIY blogs, and so, so, so, so many blogs about traveling and adventure. So why should you read this one?

Best case scenario, it is wildly moving and changes your life forever. Worst case, you’ve wasted a bit of time. Most likely, the truth will be somewhere in the middle, where I hope that some of my shared experiences and adventures will give you pause to think, entertain you, and perhaps even inspire you to seek out adventure in some way.

My name is Mike, and I have been working in the world of international travel and education for the past ten years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to over 30 countries and work with some really great people in some really great places. I’ve lived overseas in Costa Rica, Japan, and Taiwan, and now have found a very rewarding career in helping students access opportunities abroad. Traveling and seeing different ways to view the world has changed my thought process, my lens on the world, and how I conduct myself on a daily basis. It has made me a kinder, smarter, more curious, and generally better quality person.

The intention of this blog is to share some stories and some lessons that I have learned/am learning on this trip, as well as to encourage you to go about life with an adventurous traveler’s mindset no matter where you are, whether that is another country, your own country, or even the region you grew up in. There is always more to see, learn, and do, and it is up to us to go out and see, learn and do it! I hope you enjoy the reading, and I welcome any feedback you have.

Happy Trails,


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